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Mark Becker Parkersburg | Mark Becker (IOWA)

Iowa Waterloo Courier

Iowa HS Football Coach Ed Thomas Killed

A football coach was shot in Parkersburg, the Department of Criminal Investigation said that the football coach was Ed Thomas of Aplington, Parkersburg, and the man who shot and killed him was none other than his former student and player of his team, Mark Becker who is only 24 years old. Mark Becker was arrested and is being charged with first degree murder for the killing of Ed Thomas.

Ed Thomas was 58 years old, and on the morning of his murder, him along with many other student athlete had an early morning weight lifting session at school; suddenly Mark Becker entered the school facility at around 7:45 AM and shot Ed Thomas many times with a handgun to insure he was dead. Witnesses and authorities state that Mark Becker did not give or show any threat to the students and left the building without saying anything to anyone.

A 911 call was made urgently and on the arrival of the medical personal sent by 911, Ed Thomas was instantly transferred to Waterloo Hospital, but unfortunately he died shortly after.

Police say that Mark Becker was arrested and taken into custody from his house in rural Parkersburg after shortly committing the murder of his coach Ed Thomas. He seemed calm and cooperated with the authorities and was easily taken to the Butler County Jail.

Butler County Sheriff’s Office, The Parkersburg Police Department, the Iowa State Patrol and Department of Criminal Investigation all responded to the emergency call of the murder and are currently involved in the investigation.

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