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Real Ghost Video

Real life ghost caught on cam. Watch this video carefully and tell me whether this is fake or not. The ghost girl looks so scary at the end and her voice has changed to ultra creepiness. The whole story is translated into English below. Read on.

The story is as follows:

This is the video that was found in a car accident, in Sintra, Portugal.
The 2 guys and the girl were going to the mountain, at night, to hang out, and after getting lost, the pick up a strange hitchhiking girl, who says she had an accident.

David: ... it is in the middle of the forest. So, small trails. So, after a certain point.
Tiago: You must show me the way.
David: ... we have to pay attention. Man, I’ve never been there.
Tânia Man, but you know the way, don’t you?
David: Me!? I’ve never been there.
Tânia But you know the way?
David: I was told the way. I have a mental sketch (croqui).
Tiago: You have a mental sketch.
Tânia You have a mental sketch. I love it. I loved to know that you have a mental sketch. I’m so confident, David.
David: Man. Aren’t you doubting of my mental capacity!?
Tânia Man, no, but I don’t feel like strolling in Sintra just because.
David: No. Man! She’s stressed already. Tiago move forward.
Tiago: Mental sketch.
David: Tiago, move on.
Tiago: Mental croquete (rimes with sketch). Mentality of the croquete.
David: Croquete!? Tiago turn left, man.
Tiago: We always knew. That we have the mentality of the croquete.
David: F*ck, you are.
Tiago: An now, sketch!?
David: Turn left, or what? No, it wasn’t.
Tiago: No? So what? Was forward?
David: Turn back now. Turn back.
Tânia Your mental sketch is working fine, hĂ£
David: Turn back here, it’s wide. No. I was looking at the camera. Watch the motorbike. Be aware with the motorbike at the left.
Tiago: Worry about the camera!
Tânia That camera on is upsetting me, David.
David: Man, you know how it is. A new toy.
Tânia Idiot.
David: Are you enjoying?
Tânia Fantastic!
David: Isn’t it all you haver waited for?
Tânia Man, it’s so bad is cold.
David: Thats it my friend. Sintra’s cold and moist is 100% guaranteed.
Tânia this is. What is it!? What do they have? It’s what? What kind of weather? Microclimate.
David: Microclimate. It’s for microbes.
Tânia It’s so funny. I hardly see the time.
David: Are you delighted (rimes with funny)? That’s because you are with two extremely sensual man.?
Tânia huuu huuu
David: Tiago I’m just joking. I’m just joking.
Tiago: yes yes.
David: I’m just joking.
Tânia Or not!
David: The real artist is the one that jokes. The artist who’s not joke. Makes portuguese movies!
Tiago: That’s why I’m not an artist. I’m a driver. (rimes with artist)
David: You are an artist, You. You are an artist. You are an artist.
Tiago: What’s that man!?
Tânia Dammit.
Tiago: Dead trees. It’s kind of dreadful.
David: Sintra man, I’ve told you already. It’s not easy.
Tiago: What if you turn off the camera and pay attention to the road!? I don’t want to spend all night in this.
Tânia That would be helpful!
David: But it is also nice to see.

Tânia What the f*ck.
Tiago: I’m driving as it should be.
David: Man, don’t wrack the car, or else.
Tiago: Watch it. What if you see back there.
David: F*ck man.
Tânia I’m tired of driving around. Tis sh*t looks all the same. I’m tired to see the same roade. I’m seasick.
Tiago: Watch this trick, watch this trick.
David: I can see infrared but you don’t, I’m warning you.
Tiago: can you see? You must let me drive with infrared.
David: With two cameras in the eyes.
Tiago: In the next movie.
David: But you practice alone. You will see we are arriving.
Tânia You have told that already ling time ago.
David: It’s 20km. It’s 20 km in the mountains, it isn’t. It isn’t simply straight ahead.
Tiago: Are. Isn’t. Through these houses there!?
David: See that plate. Hold on, hold on. Move forward. Move forward. ... There is no doubt.
Tânia Man, don play with me, David. Really!
David: No Tânia. You will be left behind, I’m warning you. What can happen? Look, there is no much fuel. The most that can happen.
Tiago: It’s kind of bad, maybe we should.
David: ... walk is good. We have to go back to Sintra, man. It’s better not to miss anymore, because if we do, I don’t know.
Tiago: Look. What if you turn off the camera and pay more attention to the road.
David: F*ck! Isn’t it nice!? Isn’t it nice, later to see this sh*t!? * Is someone there?
Tiago: It’s my neighbor
David: Neighbor!?
Tiago: I’m joking, I’m joking.
Tânia Don’t joke.
Tiago: I’m going to stop. She is alone.
Tânia Are you stupid or what!? Move on Tiago.
Tiago: She is alone. I’s kind of strange, or what!?
Tânia And what do I have to do with that? Listen!
David: Let her come, let her come. She can be nice.
Tiago: Good evening!
David: Hi!
Teresa: Can I get a lift?
David: Where to?
Teresa: There ahead.
David: Ok. Come in. Tiago, it’s you car. ... So? Are you ok? So, are you ok?
Tiago: Going to Sintra?
Teresa: I’m going there, ahead.
David: Ok. So what are you doing here so late? ... What are you doing here so late?
Tiago: She can be upset with the camera, David. Turn it off.
David: It’s better to turn that sh*t off.
Tiago: But did it happened anything? What’s your name, we don’t know your name.
Teresa: Teresa.
Tiago: Did it happened anything. Back there? You have that sh*t on again, don’t you!? Turn it off!
Tânia Ei, David! Are you sure that you are ok? Do you want to drink anything? We have water. We have water, do you want to drink anything?
Tiago: ...
Tânia I’m trying to understand what is happening!
David: Say what happened. What is so.
Teresa: Can you see that spot there?
David: Yes.
Teresa: See that spot there? That’s where I had the accident. And died.

Tiago e Tânia died in this accident. David survived but he never could explain what really happened in that night.

Police authorities came up with a curious information during the investigation.

In 1983, a young lady named Teresa Fidalgo, suffered an accident in that same spot.

Finally, here’s a screencap of that ghost girl’s face just before she attacks David (guy with camera):

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